Beware of this Summer !!


The severe heat wave that’s going to stifle India. We know May and June are usually the hottest months in India, when temperatures range between 45C to 48C in many cities across western and north-western states. However, on occasions cities have also recorded temperatures beyond 49C or 50C. Lets have a look at some of the most common summer diseases.

Food poisoning
Food poisioning is an illness caused by eating/drinking food /water contaminated with viruses bacteria, toxins, parasites or chemicals. Its symptoms are pain, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and even it affects the nervous system. Salmonella, Staphyloccus, Complobacter jejuni, E coli, Shigella and Colstridium, each type has a different incubation period and duration. Careless handling of foods cause the bacteria growth some by soil ,water, dusting and packing such as veggies and fruits. Raw meats hold and carry many bacteria contaminants this is caused by the direct contact with the causative bacteria, virus,or other toxins.

Heat Stroke
People get nausea, have seizures and confusion due to heat stroke. They may get disorientated and some may loose consciousness and in worse condition, some may slip into a coma as well. fainting is the first sign of heat stroke. Some may get a throbbing headache have no sweating but red, hot and dry skin, cramps, weakness, vomiting, rapid heart beats, rapid shallow breathing and staggering. Take off cloths that might keep the heat in like a hat, an extra shirt, shoes, help to place the victim into a cooler area or even offer some water.

Sun Burns
This causes melanoma, a serious skin cancer i.e. sun poisoning. Exposure to sun for long periods is not healthy for humans or animals.When people are exposed to sun for long periods the skin turns red can be itchy and most often very hot. After if the day is cooled down this person may be cold feeling have chills, fevers, nausea, vomit, flu like symptoms, may have some blistering going on, and then finally peeling of the dead skin from the sun drying it out. Some creams may be applied to the skin to keep from being so tight from dryness and lack of fluids in the body.

Skin rashes
Skin rashes is a very common skin problem in children and even in adults. The children have higher chances of rashes in summer due to hot weather and sweating problems.

Mumps is one of the most serious and threatening viral disease which occurs in summer times. This virus is transmitted from unhealthy to healthy individuals so we need to avoid direct contact with the victims of this disease until they are cent percent cured and regained their health.

Headache usually occurs when we do not take rest and keep on working under the sun the whole day. So, during summers, this habit has to be changed or re-scheduled to stay protected.

Flu is another common disease of summer. Avoid excessive intake of oily foods and cold soft drinks. Flu is usually developed in children so you have to keep them away from cold and chilled water in summer days.

It is not that cough is only caused in winters, some of the individuals suffer from this disease even in summers. You should try your level best to avoid drinking too cold water, which usually becomes the prior reason of cough in summer.

It is also known with the name of Hepatitis A. Jaundice basically develops due to the intake of unhygienic water and food items. In summer especially we should use boiled water and eat lighter foods to avoid the development of jaundice.

Typhoid is a kind of severe fever which takes place due to a specific bacterium, Salmonella typhi. This disease’s symptoms include pain in abdomen, headache, weight loss and weak bodies. So if you start seeing the arrival of any of these symptoms contact your healthcare professional.

Chicken Pox
Chicken pox develops in the human beings due to a special type of virus, Varicella zoster. This virus grows in wet areas so when there are summers you should make sure that the water tanks and other gardens are sprayed properly to protect from such life-killing viruses.

Measles is a severe disease of children, and is cause due to paramyxo virus. This virus seriously infects our throat and can cause us get hospitalized. Thanks God a vaccine is now available to deal the patients of measles.

Back-pain is usually caused in women who work at home the whole day and even don’t take rest. This disease is usually caused due to getting over-weight or exchange of heavy home accessories. So in summers you should take special measures to avoid the development of this disease.

West Nile Virus
A mosquito is your enemy. They start in April and run through September. Wear repellents, cover exposed skin be in at dawn and dusk as mosquitoes are active at this time.remove standing waters around your area, if have water sources for animals flush at least 2Xs a week to rid the larva cut down weeds vines and areas where there are lots of green plants this is where they breed and survive.


It is not that every individual suffers from these diseases, but still precautions have to be taken by everyone even when he is cent percent healthy and fit. Precautions are better than treatment so be ready to check out our top most common summer diseases to avoid so that you stay safe from these illnesses.


Sources : Google images


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