Dettol Dettol Ho – Be 100 % sure.


My mother used to have a bottle of this in her medicine cabinet; it was brought out for knee scrapes and swore throats. Since I’ve moved away, #Dettol has been the one thing that I couldn’t have survived with out.

#Dettol liquid is incredibly versatile and can be used for anything that needs disinfecting.
1) By soaking some cotton wool in #Dettol you can use it as an antiseptic on cuts or insect bites.
2) You can use it diluted in warm water for a facial wash to get rid of spots.
3) You can put a cap full in your bath, or in a foot bath for all over antiseptic.
4) By using diluted #Dettol on your hair, it can help get rid of dandruff.
5) You can gargle with diluted #Dettol to soothe a swore throat.
6) You can use diluted #Dettol to disinfect baby’s bottles (Rinse out with boiling water afterwards).
7) And you can use it as disinfectant on kitchen surfaces, sinks, or anything that needs to be germ free.

In fact it was because #Dettol was so adaptable that they created the other products;
#Dettol antiseptic cream, #Dettol antiseptic wipes and #Dettol antiseptic spray for first aid.
#Dettol Easy Mop for your kitchen and bathroom floors.
#Dettol disinfectant for sinks, work surfaces and milk bottles.
#Dettol neutra air spray, a room spray that smells nice, and gets rid of the bacteria causing the odours.

I tend to stick to the liquid because it can be used for anything; where as the other products have more specific uses. The air spray is usefull over Truffle’s litter tray though (as long as she is not watching!) and the antiseptic cream is useful as it fits in your pocket.

The one problem with all of the #Dettol products is the smell (apart from the Air spray!), as with all antiseptics it whiffs of a hospital, but it is something that you get used to. It is also slightly more expensive than other antiseptics available, 118 for 500ml ( You can avail it through #medicento). However it does seem to be the most powerful and therefore you don’t have to use as much.

The instructions on the bottle are very clear; for each use there are guidelines of the #Dettol to water ratio, amounts are measured using the cap of the bottle, so there is no need to find your measuring jug! The bottles are labeled with the brand logo (The green circle with a sword) and clearly marked as #Dettol to avoid confusion. The bottles vary in size, 750ml (for the bath room), 500ml (for the kitchen) and 250ml (for your handbag!).

#Dettol is a must for any active person, anyone prone to falling over (me), anyone with children (who are always prone to fall over) and anyone with pets (who are just generally messy!).

It is readily available from most pharmacies and supermarkets and is always a useful thing to have in the house, you never know when your going to need some!

My take –

Versatile, handy and most importantly it works .

The smell .


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