Enemy of great is good, not bad and we at medicento strive to be GREAT!!!

Customer satisfaction forms the core value of our company,
medicento, and we try to take every step in order to strengthen our core value.
We are new hence we rely on our customers to provide us their valuable
feedback. We try to incorporate as much suggestions as possible and provide a
better experience every time.

Here is a list of few feedback that we got from our
customers and also what medicento is planning to do to encounter the problems.

1) Not very sure of your dosage

These are more connected times than ever. Use
the power of Internet to find out the correct dosage of your required
medicines. Not able to do it, no worries, let us find it out for you.


prescription picture not clear

We know your camera is better than this, click
one more and send a clear picture; otherwise we will follow up (Jab Tak
hain Jaan).


have a prescription with you

We understand that sometimes you might not have
a prescription with you. Not to worry place your order and show us the
prescription at time of delivery.


not able to understand your requirements

Now we have more qualified pharmacists under our
umbrella and we will make sure that all your requirements are met.

We have increased our inventory of pharmacy and we make sure
that all your medical needs are met on time, every time.


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